The Story

In a province defined by economic uncertainty, two rival call-in radio shows duel it out for the
hearts and minds of listeners, with a daily dose of rants, finger-pointing, possible solutions, plus the most
beloved traditional music of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Hard Times with Sally Brown is VONL Radio’s flagship hard-hitting call-in show, where you’ll hear big talk about big issues from even bigger personalities like regular guest Richard O’Byrne (a former New York City investment banker who’s returned to the rock like with prophet-like determination to right the province’s course) along with a colourful cast of equally opinionated characters determined to have their say.

Over at CORH Radio (lovingly known as Voice of the People), it’s more lighthearted fare with host Emma Ingram focusing on locally-flavoured music, frivolity, and fun. Emma’s your favourite ‘girl from the bay with something to say’ and her show, Kelligrew’s Soiree, is a rousing mishmash of tales, music, and an ‘anything goes’ approach to topics and guests.

With the province on the brink of bankruptcy and a populace looking for someone to blame and and save them at the same time, Sally and Emma have their work cut out for them. They’ve got a ratings war on their hands, and both are determined to win it!